Agreement Of Responsibility

Duration: liability agreement; in the plural, accountability agreements; Accountability agreement: a document that fully defines the responsibilities of all relevant stakeholders. Copyright Oughtibridge Ltd digraph “responsibility_agreement” – fontname””Cambria” – label “responsibility agreement” layout-“fdp” size”8.8 12″ – Keep in 8.8″ wide, 12″ deep sep-0.3 outputmode-edgefirst remincros-spline -curved overlap-node [shape-box style-rounded] – Sets the common specifications of the nodes – parameters specific to the graph – replace it above – Start of the diagram main – List of concepts #responsibility convention 44 [label-“responsibility agreement” fontname-“Cambria” URL””tooltip-document”, which completely defines the responsibilities of all relevant stakeholders “color”#02f4ff”] #manufacturer 34 [label”manufacturer” fontname”Cambria” URL “” tooltip””Organisation responsible for the design or manufacture of a product “color”#02f4ff”] #product 40 [label”product” fontname”Cambria URL “” that can be created without transaction between the organization and the customer “color”#ff0700″] #top Management 63 [label-top management” fontname”Cambria” URL”” tooltip”Group of people who run and control an organization and have a global responsibility in a “color” organization #02f4ff #List generalizations and specializations. List of associations #1 manufacturer votes 0.- Liability contract 34 – > 44 [constraint-false, dir”forward” label “agrees” fontname”Cambria”] #1 manufacturer for the design and manufacture of 1 >. “forward” label”a responsibility for the design and manufacture of “fontname””Cambria”] #1 manufacturer 0 >. “manufactures” fontname”Cambria”] #0.-Product produced by 0.-Manufacturer 40 -> 34 [constraint-false, dir-“forward” label”produced by” fontname”””Cambria”] #0.1 The liability agreement concerns 1. 44 – > 40 [constraint-false], dir”forward” label”concerns” fontname”Cambria”] #1 top management 0. – Liability contract 63 – > 44 [constraint-false , dir”forward” label “agree” fontname”Cambria”] – Note 1 of entry : This agreement can be a legal document, z.B a contract.