Letter to My Legacy

Role: Director
Client: Hennessy

Sometimes as an artist you have to step away for a moment to reflect. I intentionally took some time to myself in 2022 to focus on becoming a better storyteller; observing the world around me, I ingested many influences that helped me become a better artist and a better director. I strongly believe that this film displays that growth.


Role: Director/Writer

What started off as just writing a film about the struggle of the creative process with the homies quickly turned into a film that was selected into the HYPHE NOVA Film Festival and showcased on a billboard in Times Square. Lol the real fun is just making things with your friends, whatever happens after that happens.

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Perspective Interview

Sat down with filmmaker Mike Crocker to recap 2021.

USC TV Commercial

Role: Director

So quick story…I moved to LA in 2019 to go to USC’s Film School…well I actually never went to film school so two years later I directed a commercial for the entire university.

Why Not?

Role: Director/Writer

Description: Wrote and directed Jordan Brand’s first ever short film for Russell Westbrooks’s Why Not? Campaign. I can’t show the world the film yet..I’m trying to make it a TV Series lol. You can peep the trailer on my IG (here) In the meantime we got some pretty cool billboards across from Staples Center and Madison Square Garden.

Press: Variety | Deadline | Adweek

Top Class The Life And Times Of The Sierra Canyon Trailblazers Season 2

Role: Director

Ran it back for Season 2…however things got a little more personal this time around.

Stream: Amazon Prime + IMDB TV

Press: The Source | The Athletic

Top Class: The Life and Times of the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers

Role: Director

Traveled around the country and made a pretty cool doc series about some superstar teenagers…and made a few Tik Toks as well.

Stream: Amazon Prime + IMDB TV

Press: Deadline.com  |  USA Today

Destroy Doubt

Role: Creative Director, Co-Director
Client: US Nike Football

Went on tour with Antonio Brown this summer, as he inspired kids to fight those crazy ass doubts in their head.

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Through Your Eyes

Role: Director, Art Director

After finding out my good friend Osiel Mendoza was diagnosed with ALS I wanted to dedicate this film to him. The search for normality found in struggle, family + community. Two stories are told in hopes of reaching equality. Not only in opportunity, but life.

Hidden in Plain Sight

Role: Creative Producer