Football Is Houston: Yates Vs Wheatley

Client: Nike Football

Role: Co-Director, Art Director

Football is Houston. For the Yates and Wheatley High School football teams, it’s about playing for the pride of their city.

Football In The Flood: Port Arthur Memorial High School

Client: Nike Football

Role: Co-Director, Art Director

“Every time we step on that field. Every play. Every snap. We do it for our city.” Refusing to be defeated by Hurricane Harvey, the Port Arthur Memorial High School community rallied around football to unify the city.


Role: Director, Creative Director, Art Director, Actor

Being on a college campus you here stories about rape victims all the time but enough is enough. Rewrite the Statistics.

Press: Over 400 shares + reached over 48,000 people on FB, Over 10,000 views. Reported by Oregon KVAL news during primetime TV. Shared by EndRapeOnCampus, National Sexual Violence Resource Center, ‘No More’, Adidas Originals, and is sponsored by the University of Oregon

The Shoes

Role: Actor, Creative Producer

Growing up in the Bay Area, I constantly heard about people getting robbed or killed over Jordan’s. To me it was always sickening to see violence take place over shoes. whats more important: Your sneakers or your life?

Press: After its initial release on YouTube, The Shoes gained quick attention in pop culture publications across the country. In the first three days alone, The Shoes garnered over 300k views on WorldStarHipHop, 2.5k shares through Complex Magazine, and 35k views on YouTube.