Erasmus Staj Training Agreement Doldurma

The studies should be prepared for the duration of the internship. In addition to the order of work, this document should define skills, qualifications and recognition (ECTS), etc. In departments where there is a compulsory internship, it is the initiative of the university departments to know whether the student`s Erasmus internship is considered a compulsory internship. After the internship movements, the students pass on their certificates of internship to the representative of the unionized institution with a photo taken in the institution where they make a written internment (Paragaraf). If the indicated internship plan does not change, there is no need to produce an additional document during mobility. Section 3 of the apprenticeship agreement must be completed after mobility. This document contains the length of the student`s internship, the tasks he or she performs, the skills acquired at the end of the internship and the evaluation of the company. It must be signed and sealed by the official of the company (adviser) in which he is interned. Erasmus Internship Learning Agreement is an important part of your internship. Even if you have found an internship, the internship company you have found may not be accepted by your university if you cannot express your internship in a descriptive and clear language in the Erasmus internship contract. The experienced and experienced team of explains in detail and by annotating you the Erasmus apprenticeship agreement that students can prepare the most difficult…

We support the students we find in the preparation of the Erasmus internship contract. Erasmus students receiving an Erasmus mobility course should prepare the detailed curriculum, methods of monitoring and evaluating their internships, the apprenticeship agreement, which includes the coordinators of Erasmus departments and the organisation of internships. This document, which students must sign before going to the institution where they are interned, how long the student will spend in the institution, the amount of scholarships he deserves for this period, sets the terms of payment. The document is drawn up by the institution in which the student is registered; the student is signed by the coordinator of the erasmus institution and the representative of the consortium. The contract can only be signed with students who have submitted the apprenticeship contract approved by all parties. After exhausting all documents before mobility, please contact the Erasmus office to sign the contract. This is a survey report that students must complete at the end of their internship when they return to Turkey after providing documents. (In this way, you should write here in detail what you are going to do each week. It will be healthier to fill out this section in accordance with your internship.

The apprenticeship agreement is signed and approved by the coordinator of the Erasmus department, the coordinator of the Erasmus institution, the official of the consortium, the official in charge of the internship and the student. After the students return, they submit to the representative of the unionized institution, with the original passport, a copy of their passport, visa, residence permit and all pages bearing the seal bearing the seal. Click on the articles for the Europass CV format and the completed CV. If you. B z. – During the first week of my internship, I will meet with the company`s employees and introduce myself. I will tell you what I expect from the company, and I too will ask the company what they expect from me. The first week will be a week of orientation for me. Knowledge and skills are acquired until the end of the internship; (expected learning results) Note: It is recommended that you have 3 of all documents.