Hart Schaffner Agreement

A year before the agreement expired, the company acquired Intercontinental Apparel, an American licensee of the Pierre Cardin brand. After the acquisition of Bishop`s men`s stores, the company expanded into women`s clothing, with the acquisition of the Country Miss chain in 1981. The Kuppenheimer Manufacturing Company, a low-priced costume retailer with 41 retail stores, was acquired in 1982 for $25.8 million. In 1983, the company changed its name to Hartmarx Corporation, the new parent company acting as a holding company for various subsidiaries. After 1918, HSM successfully moved from a family business to a company run by professional executives unrelated to the founding partners. Family members held the majority of the company`s shares until the 1930s. Only one descendant, Max Hart`s son, Abraham S. Hart (1895-1962), held a senior position in the company (in his case until his retirement in 1945 as vice-president). The post-1920 general manager and successor to Joseph Schaffner was a former graduate of a management school, as schaffner co-founded in 1908.

In 1921, Meyer Kestnbaum (1896-1960), originally from New York, arrived at HSM after graduating from Harvard Business School. He rapidly grew through the ranks, became head of the retail industry in the late 1920s and president in 1941. Kestnbaum and his colleagues on the Board of Directors paid tribute to the employment contracts. They also continued the innovative advertising and branding campaigns for which HSM was known. In the 1920s, famous artists such as Herbert Paus and John E. Sheridan illustrated HSM`s annual style books. [45] Any unsolicited communication or material that you transmit to the Company via platforms or social media, by email or any other means, including, but not limited to, data, questions or answers, comments, proposals or otherwise, is considered by the company to be non-confidential and not protected by copyright. By sending notifications to the Company, you automatically grant it a worldwide license, free, unlimited, unlimited, irrevocable, non-exclusive, under-conceded and distributable, for the use, reproduction, modification, publication, publication, publication, publication or date of publication, editing, translation, distribution, execution and display of such communications only or part of other works in any form.

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