Mangoola Coal Enterprise Agreement

In addition, Moore J. distinguished his previous decision in Ulan Coal Mines Pty Limited against Mid-Western Regional Council [2013] NSWLEC 1167, where he maintained at [143] that “[areas] … the… only vegetated or not actively used on them, should be ignored” and that evidence of “certain positive uses” will “supersede any non-use”. Unlike Ulaanba, “there is no other use on offset land… The only relevant use of these lands is that prescribed by the applicable conditions and which contained documents from the company`s consent to the execution of its coal mine” (at [361]). Moore J.A. applied Chief Justice Preston`s argument in this case, but stated that, in this case, the countervailing country was being used in an active sense for purposes necessary for the coal mine and not just for a passive coal mine (see [341] and [363]). The purpose of the clearing ground was to meet the applicant`s licensing requirements for the operation of the coal industry. For example, the authorization required the creation and management of compensation areas for biodiversity (see [332]) and the restoration of certain plant species and plant communities in the countervailing country (see [342]-[344]).

Fair Work Commission publishes enterprise agreements on this website. The applicant had entered into a licensing agreement for access to the two parcels with a company called Colinta Holdings Pty Ltd, a cattle grazing company. The parent company of both companies is Glencore. As of Sunday, workers in Bulga and Oulan are also under fire, in addition to the five open pit mines and one coal plant that have already made two additional work stoppages since the dispute began. “And don`t be surprised that in the future they will reach another agreement with Yancoal to manage Mount Thorley Warkworth.” None of our proposals contain anything that has not already been accepted in other coal mines in Australia. Start with our document search and try to search for full-text chords. One Glencore site that has not signed an agreement is the Oaky North underground mine in the Bowen Basin in Queensland. The union says negotiations have been ongoing since 2015. It went on strike in May and Glencore responded in early June by “unlocking” some 190 union members. “Glencore`s record of creating jobs and opportunities has been unmatched in the Australian coal industry over the past decade. The Land and Environment Court recently examined whether the areas used in an open pit mine and in the same property as the mine, but used for grazing and crops and in compensation for the coal industry, were properly classified as mines for assessment.

The large lot was assessed as three separate sections. In 2017/18, agriculture was the dominant use in one of the three sections of the Great Plot. However, when the uses were added to the other two sections of the Great Plot for this year, the dominant use of the entire Great Plot was for the purposes of the coal mine: see [464] and [471] of the shutdown. The objective by which land use was to offset the effects of coal mines clearly characterized the country as being intended for a coal mine, to the extent that the effects of the coal industry would otherwise be unacceptable: “The purpose of these clearing activities (uses) is to enable the company to carry out its mining activities, including activities that would otherwise have unacceptable effects.