School Facility Use Agreement

All school establishments are closed if the school does not take place. Please read the school calendar to check the days when the school will not be in session: Permission to use schools is not considered an approval or approval of the activity group or organization or for the purposes it represents. All uses are made by written contract. Any advertisement or advertisement of the user must contain the following statement: “This program is sponsored by (user name). The use of the schools does not constitute an endorsement or endorsement by Bozeman Public Schools.┬áIn a printed display or advertisement, the disclaimer must be the same size as the font used to advertise the location of the program. In case of non-compliance with this provision, the immediate termination of the contract for the use of the installation is a solution. The tenant must provide sufficient supervision of crowd control, ticket sales, locations, security of personal property and enforcement of the institution`s rules and regulations, as well as applicable state laws and regulations. Orderly behavior must be prescribed at all times by the tenant and participants in the planned event, including actors and the public. If it is believed that a request to use the institution results in disorderly behaviour or that its activities may harm the school or the community, the request for use of the institution is rejected. The tenant and the participants limit themselves and their activities to the areas defined in the contract. The surfaces used must be left in a clean and suitable condition. There must be no food or beverages on the stage or in the headquarters of the WILLSON AUDITORIUM. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE NOT ALLOWED ON ANY SCHOOL GROUNDS OR ON THE SITE.

THE USE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS IS NOT PERMITTED ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. The school district is not responsible for accidents and/or injuries to persons involved in indoor or school activities during the rental period of the schools. The school district assumes no responsibility for loss of property. The stage technician and supervisor must be on duty at all times while using the Willson Auditorium. The use of the stage and its equipment is a technical process and the operation of the equipment can only be carried out by the stage technician. A depositary must be in service at all times when all other establishments are in operation. The use of school kitchens requires the presence of the cafeteria director or designated staff. A contract for the use of the facility must be signed by an authorized representative of the tenant who uses the school and a representative of the lessor, Bozeman School District No. 7. Such a contract must be in complete condition if it has been received by the owner. No facility is provisionally held for a potential tenant. The filing and subsequent approval of a facility use agreement contract by the district is the only method to secure a place.

The Owner, Bozeman School District No.7, reserves the right to terminate this Facility Use Agreement Agreement in the event of an emergency which requires that the facility be made available to the Owner at the same time as the planned event. In this case, the landlord, Bozeman School District No. 7, will attempt to provide the tenant with a replacement device. The tenant is responsible for the repair and/or replacement of school materials or property damage that exceeds reasonable or normal expectations. All applications at the Business Office take an average of two weeks to process. The body requesting the use of the installation shall have access to the installation only after the approval of the agreement for the use of the establishment and only for the time specified in the agreement. Please indicate what equipment is needed and if special configuration is required….