Who Signed Namirembe Agreement On Behalf Of British Government

A ministry may be collectively dismissed by the Governor of the Council if, according to the Governor of the Council, the ministry has not accepted the formal advice of the governor in the Council or has responded to the formal advice given by the Governor to the Council, which harms peace, order or good government. After the governor`s ouster from the council, the functions of ministers become vacant. The governor informs Kabaka, after which katikiro returns the Ddamula and the ministers hand over their official stamps to Kabaka. Each minister is politically responsible for the execution of affairs in his own department and the ministers are jointly responsible, as a ministry, for the tasks entrusted to the Kabaka government. I5. On the date set by the Ctikiro on this behalf, Miruka`s representatives meet in the Saza Council Chamber to elect three people who will run for the nomination of the representative of the Electoral College, and these elections will be held in the same way as they are scheduled for the elections of Saza representatives under the electoral law. The tasks entrusted to the Kabaka government are formally defined in a document that will enter into force at the same time as the agreement amending or completing the 1900 agreement on Uganda, which will be negotiated after the adoption of the recommendations of this conference by Her Majesty`s Government and Great Lukiko. At first, these tasks are those currently listed by the Kabaka government and in paragraph 2 of the Memorandum s on Constitutional Development and Reform in Buganda of March 1953. The local authorities of the Sazas are the responsibility of the Buganda government with the Council and the support of the protectorate government; the situation in municipalities and shopping centres is examined in accordance with Article 47. In the development of the Community, the Buganda government and its officials collaborate with the protectorate`s development department. The list of functions can then be amended by mutual agreement between the protectorate and the Buganda government. “I…. do pledges me to be faithful to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, whose protection buganda enjoys, faithful to her heirs and successors, and to govern buganda well and truly in accordance with the law and to comply with the terms of the agreements with Her Majesty and the Buganda Constitution, and that I maintain the peace, order and good government of the Ugandan protectorate and the above agreements , the Buganda Constitution, the laws and customs of Buganda and the laws of the Ugandan protectorate without fear, favor, affection or disease.