A director from the Bay Area who’s inspired by Drake, The Pacific Ocean, Hiro Murai, Oakland, J. Cole, George Lucas, Star Wars, Picasso, Jay Z, Apple, Steve Jobs, Kanye West, Telegraph Ave, Berkeley View Spots,Flower Boy (Album), Tyler The Creator, 4:44 (Album) Yakub Bey, Brandon walker, Africa, Beyonce, DJ Jones, Bishop O’Dowd, ZINES, Frank Ocean, Ryan Maas, Adidas, Good Kidd M.a.a.d City (Album), Atlanta (TV Show), Entrepreneurship, Dave Meyers, Blondies Pizza, Black Barbershops, Skateboarding, Marcus Green, Born Sinner, Supreme, A Seat At The Table (Album), Ryan Coogler, The Black Panthers, Los Angeles, The Beach, Black Culture, Jamal Rasheed, BMW’s, Blue, Polaroid Cameras, LEMONADE (Short Film) Palm Trees, Big Fish Theory (Album), San Diego, Cherif Guye, Complex Mag, Josh Crum, Kendrick Lamar, DAMN (Album), Pink + White, Jason Grisby, Minimalism, The Alright Music Video, The Gym, Jazmyne Drakeford, New York, GOD, Psalm 27, To Pimp a ButterFly (Album), MORE LIFE (Album), My Family, The Formation Music Video, Positivity, Education, Sunsets, Mhyles Tavares, Beats 1 Radio, Carlyle Garrick, Kanye Interviews, The Combined Culture Collective, Jaleel Reed, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Walt Disney, Street Etiquette, Deb Morrison, No Vacancy Inn, White Gummi Bear’s at Jamba Juice, 2014 Forest Hills Drive (Album), IN-N-Out, Nike, Donald Glover, Mike Texada, Vince Staples, Tony Padilla, Google, What A Time To Be Alive (Album), Joel Osteen, Lou Radja, Marvin Gaye, Steph Curry, Osa Aihie, The Madbury Club, My Girl, Black Love, Dom Kennedy, The Raiders, Photography, Art, Malcolm X, Nabil, Panosh’s Photo Edits, Carlton Francis, Water, Kobe Bryant, Brian Ukapi, EOYDC, A Tribe Called Quest, Travis Scott, Sour Patch Kids, My Grandmother (RIP), GiGi (RIP), Grandpa (RIP), my Aunt Ollie (RIP), my Lucky Bible, My Moms, My Pops, My Brother, Love and Creativity.

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